February 2024

"During my search for a massage, while visiting Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, I had the serendipitous luck of finding Danni via her website. She was conveniently located near Botanika and responded quickly to my inquiry. Our session included Spiritual Life Coaching, reiki, and massage. What a treat! I felt immediately comfortable in her space upon arrival. Danni's warmth and balanced energy were ever-present throughout our time together. She was inquisitive without being invasive, giving me the personal power to share at my comfort level. This was my first experience receiving reiki prior to a massage and WOW, what a difference. My body and mind were primed and open for healing. After our session, Danni provided feedback from our session including spiritual guidance and considerations for addressing areas of concern. Danni's knowledge and experience were evident from the beginning of our session creating the conditions for healthy and healing release. I will never forget the loving energy I felt when she placed one hand on my chest/heart and another on my back during reiki. A beautiful moment of aliveness! A session with Danni will leave you feeling balanced, beautiful, and blissful."

~ Erin D.


March 26, 2023

"I have never experienced a Reiki session before. As a matter of fact, I had no idea what it was until my beautiful sister Danni explained to me that it is a method of energy healing that promotes emotional and physical well-being. My initial reaction was skepticism. However, I persevered, telling myself that I had nothing to lose since I was on a spiritual quest and seeking answers. Wow! That's all I can say. This was an unforgettable experience. The moment she placed her hand on my shoulder, I felt an immediate warm energy flow throughout my body. During that experience, my mind, soul and body were relaxed to the greatest extent I had ever experienced. After my sessions ended, she gave me feedback on some issues that were preventing my energy from flowing. My experience was amazing, and I would like to thank her a million times over. If anyone is experiencing an energy block, I suggest you try her out, you will not be disappointed.
I am one satisfied client who is satisfied with the services provided."

~ Sueanna


March 25, 2023

"Beautiful Danni β™₯️
thank you so much for helping me channel my energy, it was my first time doing reiki and you explained everything to me before and after, it helped me process everything that was going on inside my head and heart. I could really feel your energy and how it was working inside of me (it was crazy) the headache was also gone afterward, and my soul just felt lighter. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and for making me feel so comfortable in every part of the therapy." 🌈✨

~ Brenda Q.


January 6, 2022

"My experience with Danni began in July 2021. It was the first time I had ever tried Reiki.

The backstory is in 2019, November, I contracted Covid and became extremely ill. The medical community was of little help to me at first. Later it was non-existent due to Covid. After nearly 2 years of physical and mental struggle, I found no further options medically for me.

I really don’t recall how I came to find Danni, but, finding her was life-changing for me in more ways than just getting over long haulers syndrome. My physical recovery has been phenomenal. Bonus: the mental/emotional/spiritual benefits are expanding exponentially!

When Danni told me she was leaving to go to Costa Rica, I thought oh no! However, she offered to continue sessions through Distant Reiki. I was a bit skeptical and it was a bit challenging for me at first, however, the benefits have been amazing. I did have another breakthrough after our session last week. I regained my appetite and I am now able to resume cooking meals for myself for the first time in nearly 2 1/2 years! The Spiritual Life Coaching after the Reiki session is uplifting and carries me through until our next meeting.
For anyone who may have doubts about Distant Reiki, don’t. It absolutely works as energy has no limits."

                                                                                                                                           ~ Pauline W., Zion IL


July 19, 2020  

"For me, finding Danni Mares was like hitting the trifecta. She is a gifted LMT, a gifted spiritual healer a yoga instructor and a person who has made the raising of spiritual energy β€” love β€” her mission on this planet. The search for truth has taken me many places, as it has Danni. I believe she is the real deal, a healer who is blessed with spiritual gifts and in tune with intelligent infinity.

Over my forty-five-year quest, I’ve learned to discern personal energy and can assess most people’s energetic state, whether it’s mostly positive or mostly negative, within a few minutes. I had never met Danni before June of 2020 when I scheduled my first appt for a rotator cuff issue that has limited my activity for over a year. I had been receiving regular, weekly therapy from other therapists to no avail. The pain was persistent. The first two massages by Danni brought the same results as the others: pain came back in a few days and so did the limited mobility.

Danni sat down with me, on her dime, and we did an assessment of my issues. I had tried hot compresses, Biofreeze lotion, CBD and THC patches, massage, electrotherapy, etc. Nothing worked. Danni suggested Reiki. I’m open-minded about Eastern medical arts but had tried Reiki on two previous occasions with no results. However, I agreed to give it another try as nothing else was working. One treatment later and the pain was gone. Over the next three weeks, I had pain, briefly, one day after shoveling in the yard. It has been two treatments and four weeks since the first. My arm and shoulder are pain-free and nearly completely recovered. Amazing gift, Danni. Thank you."

                                                                                                                                          ~ Jim M., Gurnee, IL 

"I'm a believer that people enter your life for specific reasons, right when you need them most. This couldn't be truer than when Dannii and I reconnected while she was back in the states visiting. I have had the pleasure of having both Massage and Reiki services from Dani. She not only leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed but also is able to energize and alleviate pain and stress in both your body and mind. I leave feeling a wonderful sense of calm that a stay-at-home of 3 young boys doesn't often find. I can't say enough wonderful things about Danni, she has a wonderful gift that she gives to everyone she meets."

                                                                                                                                       ~ Lora Q., Skokie, IL    


"My very first Reiki session was with Danni through the Centre Club in Gurnee,  I wasn’t sure if it would help me as I had been having shoulder neck arm issues for nearly six months treated by massage and more recently chiropractic.  Following my Reiki session, I was in a four-day yoga training and did not experience the symptoms that I was having prior to the treatment.  I am a believer that Reiki is a great tool to be used in maintaining our bodies in addition to massage and chiropractic etc…"
                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Kathy P.

"I recently did my first Reiki session under the guidance of Dannielle Mares. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. Danni is extremely knowledgeable in Reiki and with her guidance, I was able to experience a greater sense of calm and focus. Danni took the time to explain the Reiki process in detail, telling me what I might or might not experience. My experience was relaxing but at the same time energizing. I was pleasantly surprised that I saw the colors that she indicated I might see during the session, which was incredible. Danni also took the time to speak with me after my session about things that could be blocking my ability to focus and increase my mindfulness and ways that I could remove these barriers to allow me to become more centered. If you do not know about Reiki or are hesitant to try it, I cannot encourage you enough to try it under the guidance of Dannielle. She is there for you not only during the session but also afterward whenever you need support or guidance."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
~ A. Hauser

"I opened my mind and had a Reiki session with Danni. At first, I was a skeptical person and I waited a couple of weeks to see if the shoulders pain will come back and I am almost pain-free. I am not skeptical anymore! My experience was wonderful and you are a wonderful person with an exceptional gift. 
Thank you." 
                                                                                                                                                                ~ Danielle L.

"A little background on why chose to have a Reiki session in the first place, the reason being is that no matter where you encounter people, inside your own home or at the workplace there is residual energy that is left behind on you. When this residual energy is negative it keeps building up in the body's energy and you need to clear it away.

My experience was a positive one with Danni, Danni was very focused on moving and creating balance inside my body's energy, with this balance I felt lighter and brighter with a new spark in my eyes. I feel she has a good understanding with a good handle on this form of Health and Healing called Reiki. I would recommend it, give it a try if nothing else, you will see your eyes will have a bright spark."
                                                                                                                                                              ~ Anonymous

β€œI was very satisfied with the deep tissue massage I received from Danni. Not only did she know the right amount of pressure, her smooth strokes and gentle approach made the massage one of the best I've had. Not to mention the scenery is absolutely beautiful!”
~ Suzanne
β€œThank you for the relaxing and restful massage. With the ocean ebb and your gentle movements I was lulled into a deep relaxing state. Thank you.”
~ Debbie
β€œBody Mind Soul all in one beautiful hour with Danni in her exquisite space 'in plain air' - soothed & stretched with even pressure & healing touch. Thank you. Gracias.”
~ Judith
β€œThe massage on the beach with the ocean sound and the feeling of the wind is fantastic. Danni can wonderful the body managing. Thanks!”
~ Griseldis
β€œIt was a beautiful relaxing experience. Loved your strong hands and the energy you let flow. Continue this excellent work. Thank you!”
~ Ladina
β€œGreat relaxing massage! Just what I needed to relieve the tension and enjoy the ocean at the same time. You picked a perfect spot to give a wonderful massage.”
~ Kathi
β€œThank you for removing my stress kinks and advice. Who needs spa music when you have the ocean.”
~ Cynthia
β€œFantastic massage - really relaxed and hit all the spots that were tense. Sound of the ocean nearly put me to sleep. Well worth it!”
~ Matt
β€œExcellent ~ an occasion not to miss. Thank you.”
~ Pascal
β€œThank you for a very relaxing massage both at the beginning and the end of our 10 day visit to Costa Rica. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Good luck!”
~ Gregory
β€œA wonderful massage - felt renewed and invigorated! Lovely feelings from your heart - thanks for sharing.”
~ Mary
β€œThanks for a lovely post-yoga massage. The pressure was great. I feel ready for my next adventure tomorrow! Best of luck!”
~ Laurie
β€œExcellent massage! Just the right pressure. Perfect atmosphere with the waves crashing -- an hour flew by!”
~ Lindsay
β€œThe massage next to the ocean was amazing. The shoulder work really released a lot of tension. I highly recommend it!”
~ Cliff
β€œWonderful massage - Danni knows what she's doing. Felt completely relaxed yet also therapeutically worked over. Thank you for your energy Danni!”
~ Sarah
β€œDanni's massage was amazing! Firm and fluid pressure. I experienced deep relaxation which was wonderful. Muscles I didn't even know were tease were worked on and released. I'm definitely going to tell my friends. Thank you!”
~ Penny
β€œI really enjoyed the hour which gave me energy and relaxed feelings.”
~ Sig
β€œExcellent pressure and control. This session really did the trick.”
~ Carolyn
(16 years licensed massage therapist)