About Danni

Danni lives from the passion of her heart. This passion proved strong as she began her journey in health and wellness. A Midwest gal who migrated to Costa Rica in 2012, she has chosen to devote her life to helping and guiding others as a holistic practitioner to better health and balance in one's life.

Danni began her spiritual journey in 2005 when she entered a yoga studio in Chicago in search of another way to move her body. She did not expect to discover her purpose. Through her yoga practice, she adopted a deep appreciation for her breath, a compassionate connection with her body, methods of stilling her mind, and dwelling in the peace within her heart. Danni felt as though she was reunited with a long-lost friend – herself.

Within the next few years of practicing yoga, Danni decided to go back to school to become a massage therapist. Having many years of experience being a potter she knew she wanted to use her hands and always enjoyed helping others. She has 6 years of experience assisting others with ergonomic seating and that’s when she became very familiar with the spine and all the body issues that there are from long-term sitting. Danni studied for 11 months at The New School for Massage, Bodywork & Healing in Chicago, IL. She graduated in 2011 with 600 hours and passed her licensing exam right after which she keeps current. Find out about the Reiki Infused Therapeutic Massage she offers under the massage session & pricing page.

In 2012 Danni decided she wanted to know more about energies and how she could clear her own energy field since she was going to be working with the public and touching many bodies through massage therapy. This wondering led Danni to take Reiki I, II, and III along with the Master course with Insight Awareness owners Val & John. Going into it she was very leery if she would actually feel anything. From tuning into her intuition and allowing that to guide her she has been able to assist others with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energetic adjustments. Find out more about this amazing healing energy by clicking on the Reiki section.

While traveling around Costa Rica to find out where she wanted to start her massage business, Danni realized that she would need something else to complement the one side of her business. Feeling compelled to share with others the powerful effects of yoga on the body, mind, and soul is what led Danni to the seat of the teacher. Danni traveled to India in September 2012 to gain her 200-hour certification from Rishikesh Yog Peeth, a Registered Yoga Alliance school. For Danni, the practice of yoga is not about touching her hands to her toes, but rather integrating the body, breath, and mind all into one. It is this integration that has led to the unwavering belief that the practice of yoga, regardless of “flex-ability” has the potential to change one’s life, if the practitioner is open to receiving it. While the lessons of yoga can be serious, it is with a lightheartedness that Danni encourages her students to explore their potential, relax with what “is” and not take things too seriously and they, too, will discover their path. Please click on the yoga section for location and time information.

Danni was intuitively guided to return to the states in 2019. She decided she wanted to integrate what she has learned from her own personal healing journey to assist others in their own life path. Danni came from a broken home, parental abandonment, and self-medicated this hurt for 23 years. Once she put the bottle down and began embracing her clarity, she was able to work on past hurts and programming to find her self-worth and self-love. Danni knew she wanted to help others with their worth and self-love and now she has an opportunity to do so on a much deeper level by offering her services as a Spiritual Life Coach. Please click on the Spiritual Life Coaching section for more information.

Danni has now returned back to Costa Rica, the place where her body, mind, and soul feel at home. She has found deep healing in this country and wants to offer you the same opportunity for deep healing. Feel free to contact Danni for a FREE 20-30 minute discovery call to see if she is a good match for you and your healing journey.

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Empath

Massage Education

  • The New School for Massage, Bodywork & Healing ~ 2010-2011
  • Reiki I & II ~ Insight Awareness ~ 2-day course September 2012
  • Ayurveda ~ Kerala Ayurveda Academy ~ 1-week course October 2012
  • Thai Massage & Foot Reflexology ~ Ong’s Thai Massage School ~ 3-week course ~ September 2013
  • Reiki III ~ Insight Awareness ~ 1-day course October 2014
  • Reiki Masters & teaching cert.~ Insight Awareness ~ 4-day course September 2016
  • ACE Massage Cupping Therapy ~ 3-day course October 2018
  • Lymphatic Drainage ~ 2-day course 2020
  • Currently Licensed with the State of Illinois

Yoga Education

  • Rishikesh Yog Peeth, Rishikesh India ~ 200 Hour Training ~ Oct/Nov 2012


Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Awaken with Sophie Skover Frabotta ~ 16-week course ~ Aug-December 2019