Healing Mantras for Anxiety and Depression


Have you or someone in your family experienced anxiety and depression? Are you sad and worried, unable to let go of thoughts that upset you? Are you looking for an alternative to prescription tranquilizers and antidepressants? Are you interested in more natural and holistic
treatments? If so, this course on Mantra Meditation is for you. Mantra Meditation is a powerful holistic alternative to prescription drugs when it comes to treating anxiety and depression.

The Healing Power of Sound

In this course you will learn seven of the most healing mantras from this Ayurvedic/Yoga of Sound tradition -- seven mantras for soothing anxiety and breaking through depression. Guided meditations are provided in each lesson so you can experience each mantra and chant.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Mantra Meditation?
  • OM: The Core Mantra Meditation
  • The Peace Mantras
  • Lokah Samastha: The Happiness Mantra
  • Sat Nam: a Kundalini Antidote For Depression
  • The Gayatri: A Mantra For Enlightenment
  • The Triambakam: A Ma